Our startups aim for the stars.

We take them further.

We believe that small teams of incredibly talented people can accomplish anything. We also believe that with us, they can do it all much, much faster.

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Building Startups is Hard Work

and we get that

Have the perfect idea

We help the founding team to quickly validate whatever missing points they have. Still looking for your perfect problem-market-solution fit? Still wondering among several businesses models? Don’t know what your next steps are? — No worries, we will help you.


Meet the right people

Our Network is compounded by investors, mentors, scholars, Orion Startups Alumni, governments and many more. Our main goal is to grow together: both our network members and the new founders that came in are willing to give first.

Talent hunting

A great team

Worry not about the missing talent. We got you covered with a curated list of people that are looking to create great things.

product development

A product people want love

We have a goal: to develop the people, who are going to develop the technology that create an amazing company. For every part of that plan, we have people behind helping startups thrive.


We have the right people for the right moment. We are Program Management Driven, for which we help you see even further than what you might be able to.


$30K USD investment for 10% equity. That money is partially cash and includes the acceleration program.


We are located at Orion Technology Park, which brings you not only free office space, but an amazing ecosystem that is considered one of the best to launch you startup in Latin America.

Our Companies


Social Network for athletes.


Development of point of care devices for healthcare solutions


Security and management platform for cohabited spaces.


Trust is the best word to describe the link between KeyA ERP and Orion Startups. A process of continuous improvement and accountability when it comes to improvements, learning, progress and results, have been the ways in which Orion Startups has helped us develop and grow at a dramatic and accelerating speed.

Oscar Salgado

Founder CTO, KeyA ERP.

Las experiencias y conocimientos adquiridos a partir de las mentorias y el ecosistema emprendedor de Orion Startups nos permitió mejorar nuestro producto y llevarlo más lejos, siendo una experiencia excepcional para nuestro crecimiento.

Michael Zimmerman

Founder, Community.

Being part of Orion taught me many lessons about entrepreneurship in a different country and culture. Their open mindset and kindness throughout the program, made me feel at home in a stimulating environment for building any mission-driven company.

Michael Burkhardt

Founder, Omdena.

My experience in Orion Startups was excellent, the human value, the people I met there and the tools they provided to us were all of upmost quality.

Sebastian Levin

Founder, Merit.

Orion Startups is a referent of startup development in the Latin American entrepreneurship ecosystem, giving any alumni startup a seal of approval.

Applicant Founder

Orion Startups Batch 7.


Economic value created


Startups accelerated


Startups impacted


Direct jobs created

[Talent] collision theory

Eye of the Tiger

During the program, teams are asked to come to our HQ. There're plenty of reasons for that:
· One-to-one's with mentors, founders, investors and potential partners or hires.
· Meters away from Mexico's best private university.
· A Tech Park home to 500+ incredibly talented people.
· Occasional food meetups for y'all

eating the world

Tech First

From the start we've been focused on multidisciplinary, tech-base, propuse-driven companies. No need to pivot on that one!
Our core three:
1. Biotechnology.
2. Software + AI.
3. Internet of Things.

we read all of the books so you don't have to

Proven Methodology

The accelerator is only a 30-second elevator ride away from the incubator. Due to the knowledge exchange and head-to-head improvements, our Startup Development Methodology has been throughly refined and sophisticated.

Do you like reaching for the stars?

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