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The Venture Capital Research Institute is a proud initiative of Tecnológico de Monterrey's Entrepreneurship Institute.
The VCRC looks to break new grounds when in matters of Venture Capital, Technology, and Entrepreneurship Trends in LATAM and all over the world.


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Our Contributors

Rodrigo Ibarra

Design & Content Leader at VCRC

I am 19 years old. Studying Biotechnology at Tecnologico de Monterrey. Science lover.

David T. Sánchez

Economist and entrepreneur. Data analysis and venture capital expert.

Ilian Murillo

Operations Associate

I'm always willing to try new things, different and new doesn't scare me. People say opportunities never come twice, so why waste them?

Elías Aguirre

Marketing Leader

I like to work hard for my goals, to study, to learn new things, and to teach others what I know. My philosophy is that everything happens for something and we always have to see the good side of even the worst tragedy.

Fernanda Sáenz

I like reading, listening to music, exercising, and knowing .. Places, people, things.

Carlos Rodríguez

I love rain, coffee and, books. MBA candidate at EGADE

Karla Susana Olvera Vazquez

Business Digital Transformation Student. Strong believer in lifelong learning, innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology as key drivers for improving the world we live in.

Our Reviewing Committee

Araceli Maya Rubio

Diego Ulises Sandoval Aguirre

Rafael Camilo Lozoya Gámez

Geraldina Silveyra León

Inés Ivette Espinosa García

Virginia del Socorro Aceves Tarango

Martha Elena Mao Carnero

Oscar Manjarrez Dominguez

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