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This job was scheduled to go public on
October 25, 2021
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October 31, 2021


Our team is looking for an Android developer Intern with an ‘Eager to learn’ mindset. This role will allow you to apply your passion for problem solving, while you participate in creating telehealth solutions. As an Android developer intern, you also will work with our Customer Success team.

Minimum Commitment: 20hours/week


  • Product features development.
  • Integration of internal devices via Bluetooth.
  • Development of reusable generic components.
  • Consumption of service and maintenance of internal developments.
  • Build code based on MVVM architecture


  • Experience in: Java or Kotlin, Android Studio, Implementation of Adapters, Fragments, Material Design, POO, MVC, and MVVM, Restful API Web Services.
  • Soft skills: Communication, team work, empathy, creative thinking, time management, conflict resolution.

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