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Fullstack Developer at CarnetE

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Help build the official Event Management System for Mexico's largest private university, serving thousands of students and hundreds of professors upload and manage hundreds of experiences as well as derive valuable insights from attendance analytics.


  • Provide support when university personnel finds bugs.
  • Solve bugs and errors in the code.
  • Maintain all systems operational through automated deployments.
  • Design feature implementations within the constraints of our user needs and tech stack.
  • Develop and deploy new features, from backend to frontend.
  • Report to Orion Startups' and Tecnológico de Monterrey's personnel.


Hard Skills
  • High fluency in TypeScript.
  • Considerable experience with React.
  • Basic knowledge of React Hooks.
  • Basics of NextJS.
  • Experience with Google Cloud Platform.
  • Basic understanding of Docker.
  • Considerable experience with GraphQL.
  • Experience with the serverless paradigm.
  • Preferably, knowledge of Flutter.
Soft Skills
  • Strong product ownership.
  • Uncertainty management.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Speech-to-Code communication.
  • Unafraid to speak up and propose new ideas.

Learning Goals

  • Working in a dual team, working inside Orion Startups while reporting to Tecnológico de Monterrey's stakeholders.
  • Management in a family-like product-focused team.
  • Developing a software system for a national institution where your mistakes or wins can impact thousands.
  • Using a novel technology stack that can be shaped by your input and good ideas.

Benefits and Perks

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Benefits and Perks

  • If student at Tecnológico de Monterrey, gain your scholarship service.
  • Flexible hours and learn-as-you-go given solid foundations.
  • Task-based management.
  • Networking opportunity within Tecnológico de Monterrey and Orion Startups.
  • National impact and work experience at Mexico's largest and best private university.