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Intern on a Short-Term Mobile App

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Intern on a Short-Term Mobile App


This job was scheduled to go public on
October 25, 2021
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October 31, 2021


It’s an event listing app that creates location-based updates for funerals.The app is fully developed, but we need to make some edits and enhancements to release the app on both iOS and Android.


You will:

  • Under the supervision of Head of Product, make edits and enhancements.
  • Prepare the app for App Store and Google Play.
  • Create dynamic push notifications, alerts, timer, map, and API.
  • Help improve the user interface.


  • Flutter, Laravel REST API Framework
  • Must be detailed oriented.
  • Must be able to work during GMT+6 working hours.
  • Must adhere to our Non-disclosure Agreement

Learning Goals

Benefits and Perks

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Benefits and Perks

You will receive:

  • Project completion certificate.
  • Showcase on your portfolio as an iQuantile Team Member.
  • Possibility of future hire

Project Timeline: 2-4 weeks