San Luis

Equity free acceleration

Launch your Startup

Launchpad: San Luis Potosí.

From zero to one

There are so many founders out there with wonderful ideas and amazing grit.
But then we can only accelerate and invest in so many.
So we made a school.


"Learning" is not a dirty word

With the very same network of mentors available to the accelerator program and a program tailored-made for entrepreneurs in the pre-seed.


EquityInvestment Ready free

Let us be clear: the school is a means to an end. The end? Being ready for seed-investement; have the metrics, pitch, validation, legal diligence and the right contacts.


Equity free

The program is given without any expectation of ROI. Just apply with your idea and leave with a startup that is 100% yours.

0.0 Idea

This is the only condition you need to apply; some idea or intuition of one.
It doesn't much matter what it is because you can be sure of is that this idea is wrong, at least to some extent.
During the program you'll validate it and polish it until it's ready for the next step.

0.2 Plan

Elaborate on your idea and see what stakeholders are present and how they relate. Get to know their needs, then reverse-engineer what you'll to execute on; identify the hypotheses and assumptions you make along the way.

0.5 Validate

Validate with user data and interactions if the assumptions you've made will lead to something people will love to use—and will love to pay for.

0.7 Launch

Bring your product to people's hands and gather as much data as you can. Identify bottle necks and growth opportunities.
Then iterate constantly to a better and better product.

0.9 Investment

Get the legal work ready, the pitch deck's and one pagers, then have every investor in a 500 mile radius read them.
Next: prepare to take your startup into the millions.


Do you like reaching for the stars?