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Erika Ramirez

Legal and Financial Expert

Finance specialist. Professor of ITESM Campus Chihuahua, certified by the Association of Intermediaries Bursatiles, Figure 3, and proud owner of a family microenterprise that produces and sells natural yogurt.

Francisco Solsana

Technical and Product Development Expert

Leader of the Google North LATAM (NoLA) developer platform, where I promote the growth of digital ecosystems in Latin America; focusing growing Google's developer platforms, as well as open technologies for developers and entrepreneurs, and executing global programs to supports technical groups of developers, entrepreneurs, and other experts.

Rory Carrillo

Biotech Validation and Regulation Expert

Director at a Biotech-centric consulting firm. Providing medical device design, quality system implementation, technical feasibility and product viability assessments, new technology research, clinical study planning, and clinical evaluation reports, as well as project management services to ensure that you develop your product in compliance with quality and regulatory standards.

Claudia Murillo

Biotech Validation and Regulation Expert

With over 10 years of experience in engineering, my latest roles have been focused on product development and project management in the highly-regulated medical device industry. My solid engineering mindset, energetic collaborative spirit, results-driven work ethic, and creative problem-solving abilities have contributed to my success in solving various technical and logistical challenges.

Justin Petsche

Sales and Strategy Expert

Previously I've had some startups, sold some companies, learned from some very bad decisions, invested in some winners, invested in some losers, but I can honestly say I've had fun every step of the way. Mostly involved in tech startup leadership on a global scale.

Juan Banda

Big Data & ML Technical Expert

Data Ninja with extensive structured and unstructured big data expertise. Scientist, engineer, and Machine Learning expert.

Jorge Téllez

Technical Development Expert

I have experience in technology, education, international development, and business development. I've built partnerships among companies, businesses, and NGOs in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Jozue Morales

Design & UX Expert

I am a person in search of innovation in processes and products. If something really aims to innovate, we must dare to do things differently with the intention to experiment and learn. UX designer for 5 years, with a simple philosophy: every layout that I design should comply with one purpose, a happy user.

Cynthia Trevizo

Software Products Expert

More than 6 years of Software Development experience for different types of business, always assuming the role of a bridge between IT and business. Experience in Sales and Marketing areas developing new products, markets, and business lines also serving as Account Manager for key strategic customers. Project Management for different IT developing solutions including web, mobile, and videogame industries implementing Agile methodologies.

Torsten Kolind

Business Resiliency Expert

Co-Founder and CEO of YouNoodle, a global tech platform that connects organizations, investors, and governments with startups and entrepreneurs around the world through startup competitions. Previously, Torsten was CEO of Venture Cup, the largest entrepreneurship competition in Denmark. Passionate about the global startup revolution, and has built web products since he started his first company at age 16.

Nazho Medina

Business Development and Marketing Expert

I consider myself a full-time entrepreneur, and at the age of 18, I created my first business, a photo site of the different social places in my hometown, a small business, but from which I learned management and financial concepts first-hand.

René Pons

Strategy and Business Development Expert

Experienced Founder with a demonstrated history of working on creating amazing products that users love, promoter of entrepreneurship and stem as the skills who can change the world. Skilled in Digital Strategy, User Experience, Product Development, and Innovation. Strong believer of #GIVEFIRST (by Techstars) mantra.

Daniel Uribe

Sales and Marketing Expert

I've always loved starting new projects but maintaining and managing them has been a learned love after all the projects I've done. I would lead marketing and sales experiments for free, but I prefer when companies pay me to do it. I love discovery, the stranger the better.

Sergio Aguirre

Health and Product Development Expert

Founder and CTO of EchoPixel, defining a new medical visualization paradigm, allowing doctors to visually work with any body-part in open 3D space. M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from ITESM, I have consistently attracted a world-class team to my companies and have been awarded numerous recognitions in entrepreneurship and technology development from Intel and Mexico’s Science Council.

Aquiles Iturbide

Founder and CEO at Brandzooka

I am the founder and product leader at Brandzooka, a programatic marketing platform with more than 7,000 clients in 85 countries. I focus on developing and scaling products that interrupt and delight their users. My focus is the construction of teams and the creation of cooperative and creative spaces to bring extraordinary results and the development of Product-Market Fit. I write for publications like AdAge and DowJones, and I speak regularly on topics ranging from entrepreneurship and Ad Tech

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